Sunday, July 6, 2014

Anywho by Andre Brown

So I’ve never written a blog before….Anywho – I’m in  LONDON.  I’ve been having a blast mainly because of awesome company! Yesterday was a FULLLL day – starting off with a pretty dynamic process drama lesson led by Rebecca Patterson.  By special request – I’ve attached the 11 activities Rebecca used in her facilitation:
  •  Musical Chairs: Have you ever?
  •   Find a partner any partner
  •   Create still images of friendship themes
  •   Text prompt using the Sharon and Jill scenario
  •   Thought tracking – inner monologue
  •   Tableau en vivo
  •    Role on the Wall
  •    Hot Seating & Teacher in Role
  •    Forum Theatre (Established Paper locations prior)
  •    Conscience Alley (Good angel and bad angel)
  •    Implications and Reflections

 If anyone thinks I left any portion out – I know I didn’t, but if you do – take it up with my alter ego, my store manager character (he don’t play!)

We had the pleasure of sitting Anthony Banks, Associate Director of Education at the National Theatre.  He should really clone himself – the work he does with young people internationally is impressive.

And we also took a peek inside the Olivier Theatre.
I had a wonderful tutorial with PT–he doesn’t pull any punches ya’ll. 
I had lunch by myself yesterday ;( 

Followed by a tour of the Drury Lane Theater in London’s prestigious West End.  Fun and informative!

Had a great dinner in Chinatown…which was very cool we even got to see Charlie Chaplin’s cousin on our way to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory -- a personal favorite

And then it was time for CHARLIEEEEEEEE and the Chocolate Factory!
Musicals are always a nice way to end the night.  Charlie Buckets was splendid and he encouraged me to keep dreaming – because ya’ never know!
Cheers xx

A little footage from my TOWAH experience…

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