Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Going with the Flow by Crystal Gulley

Pictures speak a thousand words and what I have captured today is all the fun we had with Tim Webb, the Artistic Director of the Oily Cart theatre company.  The productions done by Oily Cart are a multi-sensory experience so we started the day off with a bit of show and tell.  We all had to bring in a smell, touch and taste that we loved and shared it with the group.  We all had so much fun, smelling, touching and tasting things people brought in

Tim Webb, Artistic Director sharing a smell and his Jews Harp with the Day Dreamers

Earlier last week when we first met Tim we broke off into six different groups to create a theatre piece in Oily Cart fashion for a specific age group and a very specific target audience ranging from young children to senior citizens and shared those ideas with the group.  So, after show and tell today we broke off into those same six groups to further develop our piece and create a quick snapshot of what the specific audience might experience.  I loved watching what each group created because they were all so unique and so creative and definitely were all multisensory. 

Group 1:  A 50’s themed show for advanced stage Alzheimer’s.  

Group 2:  Go with the Flow: Children 6-11 discover how water flows using sounds and body percussion

Group 3:   Touchy Touchy  is a show for young children and explores safe and appropriate ways to touch each other through  clowning.

Group 4: A show based on sports for boys 11-14 who are in a juvenile center with behavioral problems.   

Group 5:   A show for senior citizens in USO fashion with dancing, pictures, and great music.      

The day ended with a trip to Wimbeldon and the Polka Theatre where we saw Skitterbang Island, a puppet opera for children ages 3-6 and then saw Skylight by David Hare with Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy back in London.  It was a lovely day and I enjoyed every minute. 

                                                    Crystal Gulley

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