Friday, July 4, 2014

LONDON BABY! by Alfe Azad

A wise man once decreed, “LONDON BABY!” That wise man was one Joey Tribbiani and much like Joey I was immensely excited to be back in my favorite town once again. Our first day as the DaY Team Believers, as coined by Dr. Taylor, was incredibly exciting and off to a great start. Having already toured the Tower of London and been lead through a process drama with Dr. Taylor utilizing our visit to the tower, I was excited and energized for the next day when we were going to see Julius Caesar at The Globe!

We started our day with a pre-show workshop facilitated by the wonderful Michael Supple, who led us through theatre games that dealt with the archetypes featured in Caesar, culminating in our interpretation of a dramatic presentation of Caesar’s death using text from the play.

After a quick and delish lunch at The Swan, where members of the ensemble from Caesar ran through the restaurant singing and chanting, we headed inside the Globe to watch a fantastic production of Julius Caesar.

 I have to say I was very excited and moved to be in the space and watch a Shakespearean play in almost the same way it was originally viewed. Being a lover of all things Shakespeare it was a very exhilarating experience and I loved every moment! After the show a few of us grabbed drinks at The Swan again and were lucky enough to run into some members of the cast and were able to congratulate them on a job well done. After drinks we were told about the Love Festival that was happening at South Bank, minutes from where we were, and a group of us headed in that direction to check it out.
Unfortunately it was closed, but we still managed to see some of the vibrant signage and take pictures (since that’s really all that matters, right? Right).

All in all, it was an incredible end to an exciting day and great start to the beginning of our trip.
Cheers! Alfe xx

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