Sunday, July 13, 2014

Swooning by Sam Leigh

Hi guys! Sam here, blogging for my very first time (hooray!) on a rather overcast, but still pretty
great Friday. I woke up this morning for my daily jog around the city, despite the misty weather
outside. I always highly recommend running in the rain. There’s a peace and freedom to it,
particularly. After hitting up a spin class at the local Yoga/Cycling studio I discovered my first
week here (teacher played lots of Beyonce; it was great), it was back to Guilford for shower,
clothes, and oatmeal, and then on to NYU headquarters (which sounds decidedly cooler than
NYUL, so let’s call it that from now on)!

Today marks the end of our second week here in London. One more week and it will be back to 
Heathrow, final destination: New York City, where there will probably be much less rain, but 
there will also be much more humidity, far fewer British accents, and of course - most of all - I 
will miss my community of fellow DaY colleagues. For our morning session, we worked with Dr. 
Ross Prior (aka Toastmaster - which is not to be confused with Andre the Touchmaster). We 
discussed what marks the difference between a group and an ensemble. During our time here, 
we have been both. We have traveled as a group on multiple occasions, making our way en 
masse to this theatre or that pub. That’s 18 people, guys, all attempting to get on and off the 
same tube cars at the same station. Miraculously, we haven’t lost a soul yet…though there have 
been a few close calls. Greta and Kristen are particularly great about leaving no soldier behind! 
So that’s us as a group. We have also become an ensemble though. We are all of us 
collaborating and serving a greater whole, having come together with similar artistic ambitions and inspirations. The aesthetic realization of all that will be in our final DaY presentations which 
we began work on today. You’ll have to wait until next week when Haila’s up on the blog and 
she can tell you all about how it goes! For now, here’s us, sprawled out, in our beginning stages 
of plotting…er, planning!

Also, here’s us being baked beans. Literally. Yeah, don’t ask!
After breaking, many of us got to working on our curriculum plans. When I went to print mine out 
in the computer lab, I discovered Rachel and Andre TOTALLY working:

Also this afternoon, Val and I walked towards Covent Garden and the London Theatre Bookings 
Discount Shops. We splurged and got ourselves quite lovely seats for tonight’s performance of 
Shakespeare in Love. I’m mentally preparing myself for the unfortunate fact that no Sam, Joseph Fiennes will not be in the play. But I’m still so, so, SO excited for it! The movie is one of 
my favs (which is coincidentally how I knew Isaiah was a cool dude cause one of the first things 
he told me when we met at the airport was how he had just re-watched it). So that’s what’s on 
the docket for tonight. It will be my twelfth show seen in fourteen days. Phew! But totally worth it. 
I shall leave you all now in suspense as I must get ready for what Rachel would call a ‘lady 
date.’ Be back in a few hours to let you guys know how the show was and, more importantly, 
how sexy the Shakespeare was!!


And…SWOON!! Totally swooning over that play! And yes, the actor playing Shakespeare rivaled 
Joseph Fiennes in passion (plus he wore tights in Act Two!), so I am as happy as can be. 
Topped off the night with a pint and adventures in British night clubs. Hey, what happens in 
London stays in London, right? But in all seriousness, my whole time here - these past two 
weeks and the one remaining - I shall carry away with me and cherish everything I’ve learned, 
experienced, memories made, and bloody fantastic new friends. Cheers!!

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