Saturday, July 19, 2014

We'll Meet Again by Jess Goodwin

Back on July 5th, we went to Stratford-upon-Avon. This wasn't my first visit, but I always love going there. It was raining in the early morning as the bus took us there, but it soon cleared up and we had a beautiful day. There was a boat festival going on, but my favorite boats remain the little skiffs with the names of Shakespearean characters.

This time, I actually rented one and went rowing in the afternoon. It was lovely, but it nearly made me late for Henry IV, Part Two!

We didn't get home until midnight, so the next day (yesterday) was set aside for rest and relaxation. I went walking in Regent's Park, a place I remembered from the first time I came here as a student. It's as beautiful in the summer as it is in the autumn.

July 18th.  Departure time. Yesterday was highly emotional, with evaluations on our work, a reception (it seemed as though EVERYBODY brought crackers or cheese) and at the end of the evening, a pub crawl along Fleet Street. I was looking forward to visiting the Cheshire Cheese, Dickens' old watering hole, but by the time we arrived we were feeling the effects of our first two pub visits, and did not behave like people visiting a Famous Literary Site. I remember we were rebuked at least once by the staff for singing too loudly: choruses of "We'll Meet Again" kept breaking out. Somehow, we found our way back to Guilford House afterwards.

Now I'm packing. I plan to be out of here by noon, but I hope they'll be time to take a last quick walk. Maybe even over the Millennium Bridge if I'm lucky.

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